How You Can Craft Your Very Own Western Leather-based Belt

In some cases just paying for an product you love is just not enough. You’re keen on the thing, however, you want it to be personalised. You desire to become part of your procedure. Fortunately to suit your needs, crafting and do it yourself projects are popular and it is simple to have the products and tools you have to develop your own private works of art. Let us search at a vintage instance of Western put on: the double prong leather belt .


The supplies you might want to generate a leather-based belt are fairly uncomplicated. You might certainly will need leather. In case you are just intending to make one or two yourself, it would make far more feeling to buy precut strips for that purpose. But if you would like for making quite a few belts, as presents or available for sale, it really is a lot more economical to get a considerable sheet of leather-based and minimize it you. (For anyone who is truly formidable, you are able to acquire a cover and tan it yourself!) You might also ought to choose the components for your belt fastener, whether you are utilizing a friction clasp, a frame-and-prong clasp, or maybe a plate buckle.

You may also need to have an assortment of applications. You’ll need a sharp knife to cut the leather with (even though you are utilizing precut strips). You are going to also require an axe for punching holes and what ever equipment are vital for attaching the components you have got picked. Relying on how you have made the decision to decorate your belt, you’ve got a choice of ornamental tools and implements. You could decide on a knife for carving, a burner, stamping and urgent plates, paints and dyes, embossing instruments, sewing provides, or something else you like.

Slicing and Shaping

Lay out your leather-based and have a good seem at it. For anyone who is reducing your own private strips, do that thoroughly to provide on your own with uniform parts. Lower them to get so long as possible. Width is up to you, but is generally involving 1 and two inches. It doesn’t have for being thoroughly straight – you could give it a curving condition if you need!

Any time you have your strips in hand, glimpse above each one and ensure each of the edges are easy and perhaps. If you’re creating a far more rustic look, you’ll use just one strip, potentially with uncooked edges. If you’d like a far more polished product or service, you might choose to sew two strips with each other, again to back. This demands particular needles and thread, but just isn’t particularly challenging.

Sizing is definitely the subsequent action. Measure the specified length of your belt (the midsection or hip dimension), and include no matter what added size is necessary for your hardware. Try to remember to depart some more size for sizing adjustments for the wearer, likewise. Minimize from the surplus duration. You may decide on to taper the end if you want.

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